Frequently Asked Questions



1- Who are the founders of your company?


Although Green Apple Auction is a newly established company, its founders have been collecting banknotes for many years. Especially one of our founders, Dr. Tuncer Özyavuz, is a lawyer and academician teaching in a university and has been collecting Queen Elizabeth II banknotes for years and in this field, he is one of the most noteworthy collectors in the world. The consultants working in our company are also very experienced in Turkish and Ottoman banknotes as well as banknotes worldwide.


2- What is the commission rate in your auctions?


In our auctions, 10% commission is collected from sellers and 15% commission from buyers... Our company reserves the right to determine the commission rate separately for each auction. Please get information about the commission rate before making bids.


3- How can I contact Green Apple Auction?


You may contact us at all hours of the day by e-mail. Our e-mail address;, phone number / Whatsapp; +90 (533) 5277776 (Mr.Tuncer). We will respond as soon as possible when you contact through e-mail. You may also reach us at below social media accounts;


Twitter: @greenappleauct1

Instagram: greenappleauction

whatsapp : +90 (533) 5277776


4- How can I send products for auctions?


You can send your banknotes for our auctions from anywhere in the world. All products published in our auctions are put on sale with an opening price of 1/ 5 /10 USD. Our company is authorized to determine the average price and condition of the products. If the condition of the products you send is different from the condition determined by you, the product will not be listed in the auction. You can contact our company before sending products.


4- When will I receive payment for my products sold in auction?


The payments of your products that are sold will be made in the method of your preference in a month following the end date of auction.

Your products which are not sold will be sent to your registered mailing address in a week following the end date of auction.


5- How often do you organize auctions?


Although we initially aimed to make only 3-4 auctions a year, we decided to hold one auction every month because our members send products heavily. Although there is no limit on the estimated value of the products you will send to monthly auctions, we try to include products with an estimated value of at least 20 USD in the products in our quarterly season (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) auctions.


6- How is cargo price determined?


Cargo cost is paid by the recipient. Cargo price changes depending on the country our members reside. On average, 25 USD is paid for cargo. However, our members in countries as South America, Australia, Japan need to pay, on average, 30 USD by TNT.


7- When and how will the banknotes I buy will be sent?


Your products will be given to cargo company in 3 days at most following your payment for the products. Cargo tracking number will then be sent to the recipient.

Time of delivery can vary depending on the recipient’s country and their local cargo company but you will receive your product in 3 days, if you reside in Turkey and 5 to 15 days if you reside abroad. 

If the bank receipt is e-mailed to after the payment, your products can be given to cargo company faster.


8- What are the payment methods?


You may visit our office for payment or make the payment through PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, Moneygram, TransferWise, credit card or money order.


9- Can I pay through PayPal?


You can pay through PayPal. 4% PayPal commission is paid by the recipient.


10- Can I pay with credit card?


You can pay with credit card. Click on “payment” link under your user name in our website to make a payment. Select the auction that you will make a payment for and complete your payment by entering your credit card information. The recipient is charged with credit card commission with 2% rate for payments.


11-  Can I make a money order from bank?


You can pay by making a money order. You may transfer the payment to our account in our web site from any bank. Swift cost is paid by the recipient for money order, EFT and payments made from abroad.


12- Which currency will I make the payment with?


Currency for our auctions is American Dollar. However, you can make the payment with Euro, Sterlin or Turkish Lira in addition to American Dollar. If you prefer to make the payment with Euro, Sterlin or Turkish Lira please contact us by e-mail to get information about the payment amount.


13- How is the product sent?


The products are sent with “Yurtiçi Kargo” for deliveries inside Turkey and the payment is made by the recipient. For deliveries abroad, we use registered post or TNT who is a company specialized in international cargo. The products are wrapped up between two hard cardboards to avoid damage. We give maximum effort to avoid any damage to products in all delivery methods.


14- Do you organize only banknote auctions?


Yes, we organize only banknote auctions.



15- Why do you organize only banknote auctions?


With the progress of internet many auction companies started to operate in almost every country. Even the companies who operate especially in the field of numismatics organize auctions not only for banknotes but also in various fields such as coins, medals, lottery, tickets, ephemera. However, banknote collection is a type of collection which progresses rapidly and have increasing number of people who are interested. Taking into consideration that hundreds of countries all over the world print hundreds of different banknotes, it is already challenging to have a banknote collection only. Therefore, we felt the need of a company specialized only in the field of banknotes. So we will be only organizing banknote auctions. 


16- How do you determine the condition of banknotes?


The condition of banknotes without certificate is determined by our specialists who have on average 25 years of collection experience. We grade banknotes condition in 6 levels; Uncirculated, About Uncirculated, Extramely Fine, Very Fine, Fine, poor.


17- What can I do if I think you graded the condition of the product I bought incorrectly?


You can return the products you bought within 1 week after the delivery of the product. In case of return, in a week following our receiving of your cargo, you will be refunded after cargo and money order cost is cut from the total amount.

Likewise, returns are not accepted for products that are not paid for within 15 days and products that are paid for but are kept waiting for shipping (so that the sellers are not victims).


18-  Do I have to make any payment or give credit card information to become a member of the website?


No, you don’t need to. However, we encourage you to enter your phone number and mailing address correctly when you become a member for your products to be sent without any issues.  


19- Where is your head office located?


Green Apple Auction is an auction company founded to operate internationally. The head office of our company is located in Istanbul.  

Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey and also the center of the country's economic life. Istanbul is a city with a population of approximately 20 million people and home to the headquarters or branch offices of biggest companies both nationally and internationally. It is a reliable city which you will not face any problems about your payments or product deliveries. 


20- Is it possible to see the auction products outside the website?


Our products are available for our members to see in our head office from the auction start date. Our members who are far and doesn’t have the chance to see the products in our office can e-mail us for detailed information and additional photographs. Our aim is to inform our customers correctly and ensure complete customer satisfaction.


21- How can I be informed of new auctions?


Our members will receive an e-mail to their registered address after each auction is announced in our website. In addition to that, we will try to reach our members by phone, social media and advertisements. Also we recommend that our members visit our website regularly.


21- What is the last payment date for the products I buy in an auction?


The payments for the products bought in an auction must be made in 7 days at the latest. For the products whose payments are not made in due time, our company can apply one or more of its following rights; the company can cancel auction results, block member’s future bids, apply interest for late payment until the day of payment. Returns are not accepted for products paid after 7 days.


22- How does average price for the products listed in auctions are determined?


Average price for the products is not binding. Average prices are tried to be determined from catalogs or prices actualized in other auctions. The prices actualized in auctions might be under or over the average price depending on our members’ interest or the quality of the product. This is in the nature of collecting and auctions. The average price is given to inform our members about the rareness of the product.


23- Do you publish printed auction catalogs?


Our company decided not to publish printed catalogs for our auctions.

Printed catalogs aren’t favorable against the convenience of internet, on the contrary it brings extra costs as preparation, print and cargo which eventually is reflected on buyers and sellers as commission rate. We believe that our decision not to publish printed catalogs will be appreciated by our members.


23- What conditions may lead to rejection for my request to return a product?


The return of certificated products and products that we are not informed about the return in a week following the delivery will not be accepted. The price will have been paid to the sellers for the products which we are not informed of any return request in a week therefore we will not be able to accept return of the product. We recommend that the recipients examine the products delivered as soon as possible.

Certificated products are under the responsibility of the certificate company and the condition of these products are guaranteed by these companies. Therefore, the conditions of these products are not determined by our company and the recipients don’t have the right to return these products.

If the products are not paid within the payment period (7 days), there is no right to return if they are received by paying later.

Products that have been paid for but whose cargo is waiting will not be returned when they are delivered later. Because the seller is paid one month after the end of the auction, it is not commercially acceptable for the sale to be uncertain for a long time.


24- Is there a possibility of the products not being delivered after payment?


Although we are a newly founded company, as a result of our auctions we sent hundreds of products to countries as Japan, Peru, Canada and South African Republic. We have never received a complaint by our customers about the delivery or their products’ being damaged. Therefore, you may become a member, make bid and payment without any concern.


25- Are the bids made at the end of an auction final bids? Will there be a live auction also?


Generally, our company aims to organize live auction on our own website after the auction on our website is completed. The decision whether or not to have a live auction will be announced on our auction announcements. In case of live auction, the prices actualized after the live auction will be the last bids. In order to avoid unwanted results, it is important to follow up whether there will be a live auction or not after making bid.


26-Are the photos of the products at the auction true? Is it representative?

The actual photos of the products in the auction are used, and sometimes there may be differences between the product and the description for technical reasons. In this case, the product description shall prevail.


27- What is the process for packages that are subject to "customs" in international shipments?


We send the products you buy as invoiced. In the packages we send as invoiced, transactions are made within the framework of the customs rules of the receiving country and the products are received by paying the necessary customs taxes.


However, many of our customers request that invoices are not included in the products. In order to protect our customers, products are sent without invoice in such cases. In such a case, all responsibility belongs to our customers and they have to handle the customs procedures themselves. As the auction house, we do not have the opportunity to intervene in customs procedures.


28- What are the duties and powers of the Representatives whose names are on your website?

As we are an international auction company, we aimed to be a company that can be easily reached by everyone from all over the world. For this reason, we have representatives in different countries of the world.

Representatives are individuals who do not receive any wages from us and do not have the legal authority to represent our company, and work only on a voluntary basis. A numismatist anywhere in the world who wants to get information about our company or our auctions will contact the nearest representative and get the necessary information.

Likewise, all of the agents are also our longtime customers. Our representatives are our members who know very well how our auctions work, how to give bids, how to pay, and how the cargo process is.
For this reason, it is our members who can give the most accurate information to those who want to get information. You can reach them anytime and in the fastest way.


29- I saw that you accept products for PMG on your site? What are the conditions for this?

Our company is not a representative of PMG. However, it accepts the products to be certified from you in order to provide logistical support to Hüsevin Civelk / Emre Erşen, the legal representative of PMG in Turkey. You can learn about PMG certification fees on our website. Since our company is not the legal representative of PMG and only acts as a bridge between the legal representative and you, all responsibility for the products belongs to Hüseyin Civelek / Emre Erşen. Those who send products are deemed to have accepted this issue.


30- There is a "Buy Now Store" on your site. Can we send products to be sold here?

Buy Now You can send products to our store. There is a 2 USD listing fee per product for the products to be listed here. Additionally, when products are sold, sellers are charged a 15% commission. The products listed here must remain on the list for at least one month. After this month, if the seller wishes, he can stop selling his product or ask for it to be sold in our auctions.


31- Will we pay commission when we buy products from the "Buy Now Store"?

No... .Buyers do not pay commission when they purchase products from the Buy Now Store. You can wait for the product you bought from the Buy Now Store to be sent together with the products you will buy from the auctions later.


32- I saw that you have a sales store on Ebay. Can we buy the products on Ebay directly?

Thousands of items are also listed in our Ebay Store. If you want to directly buy the products listed in our Ebay store, there is a 10% discount on these products. You can also wait for the products you will buy here to be sent together with the products you will buy from the auction.